Our Dental Services 

Our practice provides a range of dental healthcare services. If you have any questions about your own need for treatment or a specific aspect of our service, please call the dental practice on 01255 674505 or email us on info@theoldlibrarydentalsurgery.co.uk

Human nature being what it is, many people put off seeking regular dental care because they are not aware of any problems or they put them to the back of their mind. This can be quite a dangerous strategy since gum disease usually progresses without pain and an inflamed nerve can become severely painful in a short space of time. 

We are here for you at all times to ensure that any pain is a brief experience soon to be forgotten. We advise our patients to contact us before 10am if they find themselves in pain. This enables us to gently relieve you of your discomfort later that day, during sessions specifically allocated for that purpose. 

Our large and spacious ground floor premises allow us to offer partial disabled facilities. Please contact us if you would like further details.

If you experience severe pain outside of surgery hours our answerphone message gives details of the rota dentist on duty in the area.

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