Fee schedule 

We do our utmost to ensure that you understand the cost of your treatment and are happy with the outcome.

We recommend that private patients consider joining our Practice Payment Plan. You can find more information on this website - select Payment Plan from the index.

Our payment options are:- 
Payment is accepted by cash, cheque, switch, or credit card. Payment is made  at each appointment over the course of the treatment. Most people prefer a small monthly payment by direct debit through Denplan. This enables regular visits with no need to pay in the surgery and is particularly in keeping with our own practice preventive care policy.


Denplan Care Adults (Age 18+ years) rates from £17 per month


Private Fee Guide 2019

New Patient Examination/Consultation to include full dental charting & X-ray


Routine Examination


Routine Examination including Scaling & Polishing (1 visit)


X-rays & report per xray



Hygienist Scaling and Polishing (30min)




- Amalgam




- White Composite









Root Fillings

- Front Incisor Tooth   from



- Back Molar Tooth from



- Crown/Inlay from



- Bridge from



Laboratory based work











Porcelain Veneers





Full Dentures



Partial (metal framed) Denture



Tooth Whitening



Top Up Gels





Denplan Membership Plan Adult

£5.00 /month







We accept payments by Cash, Cheque (with cheque card), Delta, Mastercard, Switch, and Visa.